aceite de oliva ecologico procesoWe develope all the process, cultivation,the harvest, the milling, the packing and the marketing of our own crop.

Since the careful pruning of our olive trees all the operations are directed towards a natural and harmonious growth of the branches and their fruits so they develope well and reach the final production stage properly mature, essential condition for us.

We take the same craft and level of care throughout the production process. The olives are picked from the tree and never taken from the ground after falling.

We harvest only at the moment of full maturity ensuring that they do not suffer any harm. They are transported to our oil mill carefully packed in boxes.

Then the  leaves are removed before we start the mechanical process of cold extraction. This cold pressing always takes place within 24 hours of harvesting ensuring the  freshness and quality of our product.

When we finish this laborious process we leave it to decant by its natural way.

The result is an  extra pure organic olive oil, with intense green and gold shades, depending on the variety, with harmonious and elegant organoleptic characteristics.