olivas de variedad hojiblanca

It has this name due to the silver on the underside of its leaves, which give them that characteristic metallic luster. The highest production of this variety is harvested in Andalusia and is used for both table olives and olive oil.

The olive trees have a medium vigor, with long fruitful branches creating medium density cups. The trunks, in their youth are of a light greenish grey color. Tolerant to winter cold and resistant to drought.

Hojiblanca olives are usually large and thick, rounded. The maturation is somewhat late, from late November to late December.

Hojiblanca olive oil has a very balanced relationship between saturated fatty acids and monounsaturates, with a lower content of fatty acids than other varieties. It has a good content of oleic acid and medium in linoleic and palmitic acid. Its content in vitamin E is very high while the content in total polyphenols is medium, which provides smoothness and sweetness to its oils. The oxidation stability is not high so it is important to keep them out of the light and air.

From the organoleptic point of view they present an immense range of flavores, but they can be emphasized as common values ​​the attributes of sweetness at the beginning, fresh fruit fruity in aroma, slight bitterness and a very localized final itch in the mouth, also green fruit and other fruits Even bittersweet like red fruits, and the final almond regusto, one of its most outstanding characteristics.