Last Thursday October 4th we had a visit from our distributor in Korea, Mr. Kim Dong Sug, affectionately named José for spanish friends, was a very cordial visit, we show our facilities, we comment all aspects that interested him to know about our elaboration processes, also we did the tasting of the olives juices of the different varieties and in our tasting room we took a delicious healthy breakfast with a  Deortegas oil, before leaving we went to visit one of our farms “Hoya Hermosa” to enjoy a wonderful walk among olive trees, pines and all the beauty of this nature reserve where the spirit expands and time stops, in this case could not stop time as they had arranged another interview.

We sincerely thank José this getaway to our lands and we wish all the successes with Deortegas oils in Korea, where we know that puts the same affection to transmit the qualities and quality of these juices from Murcia, as we put into producing it, with these ingredients success is assured.

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