We have been received the Award Prestige Gold, with our oil Deortegas Picual “Selection” in the international competition of extra virgin olive oil “Olivinus 2012″ which was held at the International Hotel in Mendoza (Argentina).

Olivinus is the most important competition in the world by number of firms,number of samples and number of countries.
Oils winners will enter the World Ranking 2013 EVOO to be published in October and that comprise 12 international competitions.
The general direction of the contest was held by Raul Castellani Chemical Engineer,
with 36 participants jurors, who tasted oils from 22 countries and 183 companies were participating.

The jury described the oil Deortegas PICUAL · “Selection”  Distinguished Excellent (Prestige Prestige Gold-Gold) between 76 and 85 points awarded for all members of the tasting panel, and considering the high quality AOVE with positive descriptors, very good range of aromas and flavors positive, especially very good fruity olive and other healthy
attributes in harmony like the fragrance, bitter, spicy, sweet, green, almond aftertaste, red and green apples and freshness among others, a very good harmony and balance. AOVE These are considered:
Distinguished Excellent, as global trade.
With this award and are eight awards won this campaign, all of them international. It’s an excellent track record for our small business. We are delighted and this recognitions marks the challenge of continuing to surprise with our authentic olive juice.

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