From the Phoenicians to the present, the wine has been essential for the city of Yecla (protected designation of origin since 1975). Hence the importance of highlighting the Wine Route, as a way to discover our town and its resources through the wine culture, contributing to the conservation of the wine tradition and promoting respect for the historical and environmental our land.

In this way the traveler can enjoy the cultural diversity that is created in this county along the time: vineyards, ancient and modern wineries, wine tasting, food, retail, monumental and natural resources, parties and other services as tourist accommodation, activities, etc …

The Wine Route becomes a unique way to visit Yecla, where besides fine wines, there are also good olive oil, the other treasure of this land, hence the importance of including olive oil as part of this Wine Route as it is another vital resource of our country and our culture.

From the Almazara Deortegas, we encourage you to discover the exciting world of olive oil and enjoy the different varieties of olives.

In our facilities we will explain the process, from the olive tree to the finished product. We’ll talk about how they are made, the positive and negative attributes that differentiate an organic extra virgin olive oil, its fruitiness, bitterness and sharpness and enjoying the notes on the palate when tasted these delicious oils.

Through our introductory course to oil tasting, you will also learn its origins, history and curiosities and also we will discuss nutritional aspects, emphasizing especially the health benefits, quality, culinary applications and their proper use.

Finally we will enjoy a guided tasting and a healthy breakfast with our delicious organic extra virgin olive juices and good country bread (visits must be arranged in advance).

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