Gold Medal for Cornicabra Deortegas at Olive Japan 2016

We added a new recognition in the IV International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Olive Japan 2016, recently held in Tokyo and which have involved about 600 samples from 21 countries, our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Deortegas of the variety Cornicabra he has been honored with a “Gold Medal“.
This event is organized by The Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ) and brings together a panel of tasters with great professionalism and with strict quality standards that rewards the best oils worldwide.

Japan has become one of the most important markets for olive oil in the world and the organization of this competition aims to educate consumers about extra virgin olive oil , using experts with extensive knowledge in the selection, tasting and food pairings of this product.

Worth remembering that each year participate in Olive Japan Japanese consumers, international exhibitors of quality extra virgin olive oil and expert tasters.
Olive Japan has two main events: “the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition”, held during the third week of April, and “Olive Marche” an open-air market where tastings are offered, information, products for sale and it allows Japanese consumers to interact directly with importers and producers of olive oil from other countries such as Spain, France, Greece, Australia, Italy, Jordan, Croatia and the United States.


Marcelo Ortega Quiles “Farmer of the Year 2016″

We are celebrating and want to share with you all. We added a new recognition, but this time the prize is not one of our oils.  Marcelo Ortega Quiles, founder and mastermind of Almazara Deortegas, has been awarded “Farmer of the Year 2016” by the “Association of Friends of the Museum of the Huerta de Murcia in Alcantarilla”. Deserved recognition that fills us with joy.


The european youth show their interest in the Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Erasmus group comprised of students from France, Germany and Spain visited the oil mill Deortegas. We were able to talk about the process and oil elaboration, experimenting with tasting and enjoying a healthy breakfast with bread and good Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Deortegas.


Picual Deortegas obtains 96 points in the guide Flos Olei 2016

We are pleased to be among the best olive oils in the world for the fifth consecutive year. The guide of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world Flos Olei created by the italian taster and sommelier Marco Oregia, awarded the organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Deortegas of the variety Picual with 96 points.


Cornicabra Deortegas obtained sixth place in “The Top 25 best of Biopress Olive Oil”

Another reason for joy for Almazara Deortegas, we have won another award, this time for the Cornicabra variety, recognized with Bronze Medal, awarded by the magazine Biopress, placing us among the top five in the 5th edition of the “The Top 25 Biopress best of Olive Oil “in Germany.

The tasting panel, composed by expert tasters of different parts of the world  have blind tasted Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Greece, Egypt, Tunisia… among others.

View Olipress web


Almazara Deortegas oils succeed on three continents

premios-deortegas-Picual-2015.pngOur Picual variety, harvest 2014, confirms itself as an exquisite and surprising organic extra virgin and is being recognized in the most prestigious international competitions.

Gold Medal in New York:

Deortegas Picual is awarded at the “New York International Olive Oil Competition” one of the most important and most widely publicised contests that values the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

More than 700 entries from 25 countries are judged by an international panel of experts. Winning olive oils are valued by chefs, buyers and consumers from around the world who demand extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality.

The results can be viewed on the web

Gold Medal in Japan:

Olive Japan 2015 contest has also honored with a Gold Medal our Deortegas Picual.

This contest is committed to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in the award of medals to the best oils worldwide.

This is the fourth year of Olive Japan, judges are chosen from among the main countries producing olive oil under the supervision of the Association of Sommeliers of Olive Oils from Japan (OSAJ). Japan is worldwide one of the most important olive oil markets.

Visit website Olive Japan

Ecotrama Silver Medal in 2015, Cordoba:

This time the award corresponded to Deortegas variety Cornicabra. Ecotrama is an essential event for the best Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils.  The Ecological Value-CAAE Association, Ecovalia, and the Provincial Council of Cordoba, are the organizers of ECOTRAMA 2015, specializing in Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil  or Organic Production, competition held its fourteenth edition.

The event features a cast of internationally renowned tasters and extensive career that support its recognition.

Visit Ecotrama 2015 website

Gourmet Product recognition by A.V.P.A. Paris.

Within the category of “olive oil intense fruity green” our Deortegas Picual has earned the distinction of Product Gourmet-2015

The Agency for the Valorisation of Agricultural Products (PALS) is a non-governmental non-profit organization, mainly composed of producers and fans of taste, it aims to contribute to the more effective use of agricultural products.

A.V.P.A. tries to bring awareness to consumers and intermediaries concerned the true value of agricultural production in terms of quality and effort that supposes, which allow really distinguish of more standardized productions.

Visit  A.V.P.A. website 


Picual Deortegas obtains the “Gold – Top Class” medal in the “Monocultivar Olive Oil Bio Expo 2015″

The first prize of this harvest is for our extra virgin organic olive oil  “Deortegas Picual”,  honored with the award GOLD – TOP CLASS in the “Monocultivar Olive Oil Bio Expo 2015″ competition in Milan, Italy, organized by Gino Celletti, with a score of 8.6 points.

This is a contest where the best monovarietal are rewarded, thus enhancing the knowledge of each of the varieties and their best use in the kitchen. For us it is an honor since it is the first time we showed up for this award.

Visit the web site of Monocultivar Olive Oil.

korea flag

Deortegas in Korea along with the Spanish gourmet products.

Deortegas present in the Hotel Rizt Karlton in Korea in the presentation that the ICEX (Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade) has made showing the Spanish gourmet products. The event was a huge success in attendance, importers, restaurateurs and the Horeca channel enjoyed tasting the different varieties and delighting its aromas and flavors, we hope that soon our organic extra virgin olive oils may be present in these markets.


95 points for Deortegas Coupage by “Flos Olei 2015″ the guide of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the World

Once again the organic extra virgin olive oil Deortegas are included in the guide to the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the World – Flos Olei. This time we obtained 95 points with our Coupage, an exquisite blend of Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra and Hojiblanca.

Flos Olei is the first Guide dealing on an international scale with oil farms all over the world and extra virgin olive oil , strictly selected by a panel of expert tasters coordinated by Marco Oreggia, editor and publisher of the volume.


Seal of quality SIQUEV – QvExtra!

The organic extra virgin olive oil Deortegas start to wear the seal of quality “SIQUEV – QvExtra!” on all its products, is an international seal of quality agreed between producers, consumers and experts, which certifies that the olive oil has met a series of quality requirements which are even stricter than those established by the current legislation

For more information visit QvExtra! websiteBotellas Deortegas - Aceite de oliva ecológico


Great Prestige Gold Medal for Deortegas Coupage at Olivinus 2014 (Mendoza, Argentina)

Deortegas, has once again been awarded with the medal “GREAT PRESTIGIOUS GOLD” in “OLIVINUS 2014″, considered the most important international competition of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in South America, which was held in Mendoza, Argentina. This time thanks to Deortegas Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil  variety Coupage, our blend of Arbequina, Picual, Cornicabra and Hojiblanca, a well balanced oil with a fresh bouquet of green fruit with notes of fresh leaves, green tomatoes, banana and aromatic herbs, with  medium intensity of bitterness and spice.

OLIVINUS 2014 had EVOO from 18 countries and 35 expert judges, expert tasters worked for three days to taste 140 oils per day for all committees, the contest was chaired by Raul Castellani and Chemical Engineer Dr. Giuseppe Antonio Lauro (Italy), and panels of great experts as Agronomist Monica Bauza, Agronomist Araniti Veronica , Rosa Chiquini , Luis Bonilla , Miguel Barbero, and Edgar Cerchiai.

Visit Olivinus website

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